Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chrome - Google's new browser

I have been playing around with Chrome, Google's new browser.

First, like other Google products I use, I like it.  So far my favorite aspect is that its super sleek design gets more of a page above the fold, which I think is important.  You could always do this with other browsers, but it was hard, not the default, and still not as small as this.  It seems designed to be super-fast (also a huge win to me). 

One thing - it doesn't accept the Google toolbar? (I know, this would be expanding the area I thought was too big on other browsers, but).  That seems um, super stupid.....  What if I want to see page rank, etc? I'm trying to picture the conversation at Google justifying that ("People don't need Page Rank or one-click access to Google Maps, lets just ship the thing, and if enough complain, we can add it later...")


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