Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Apple stores

I love Apple - I love the whole "design matters" aspect of the brand. Design does matter.

I love my macbook. It is tough and smart.

I love my iPod. I have probably have purchased - no lie, 10. Each of my kids has one, I have had a couple, I bought my wife one a week ago. Arguably, the video version is the greatest thing that happened to my flying since I made Delta Medallion and started getting upgraded.

I love iTunes. I don’t care that it is not perfect quality music, or it is a closed system. For me, it is a one-click wonder. I love it. But...



The "too-cool-to-have-a-real-checkout" drives me bananas. I get the whole Starbucks "hey come in and chill" vibe they are going for.

I just don’t want it.

I want to pick up an iPod, walk to the counter, pay and leave. I don’t want to hang with a bunch of hipster doofuses. I just want to pay and go. Get a real checkout, please?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stuff I read this week I thought was worth sharing

c|net and TechCrunch - Fascinating interview and follow on discussion of Federated Media

Divorce360 - MTV does divorce - Interestingly, MTV takes its reality show to the divorce world - we first heard bout this when they starting using our site to recruit...

NYT - on the Credit Crunch - different look at the credit crisis

NYT - Haggling at Home Depot - ?! I cant get out of BestBuy without almost getting into a fistfight with the cashier 'cause I wont give my telephone number. Now it is OK to negotiate? This I gotta see...

WSJ - Time Warner's HBO Is Caught Up in Midlife Crisis (sub req) - I'm still stuck on the fact that someone could walk away from a series they have $18M in........

Old NYT - Simulscribe - I'm a user for a year - BEST GADGET EVER!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend reading - March 17

Some fascinating stuff this week:

Slate - The Wisdom of the Chaperones Digg, Wikipedia, and the myth of Web 2.0 democracy.

WP - When Mom or Dad Asks To Be a Facebook 'Friend' I love the whole "worlds colliding" aspect of some of the social networks......

divorce360 - Husband Caught Paying for Sex? Spitzer inspired

Because there are only 2,000 different sites where you can track the NCAA basketball brackets - The cost of feeding Playboy’s Girls Next Door… now you know

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Stuff I read this week.....

Not necessarily published this week, I just happened to read 'em this week:

Web Analytics Demystified - great post on the always mysterious web metrics. Must read - basic review of a tool of the business.

TechCrunch on Startups and spending - great take on the topic - Mike's a smart smart guy - I agree with 95% of this.

Our own
- Mortgage Crisis Causing Divorce? - interesting take on potential cause/effect in our current situation in real estate / mortgage

Small social networks growing (cool!)

Navigating TV's Shifting Taste Boundaries - love TV programming discussions

Interesting profile of - wait for it - Al Gore (2004)

Colleges Reduce Out-of-State Tuition to Lure Students - interesting issue

Radio Show

I was on the radio Saturday with Susan Saper Galamba, a family law attorney. She has a weekly program where she discusses divorce and related topics. She's a great host - thanks Susan! If you live in Kansas City or the surrounding areas, check her program out.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I took my kid to see the U23D movie. This was actual great on several levels.

  1. I love U2. If you were in school in the 80s (or anytime since!), you probably love 'em too.
  2. I have never seen U2 live - this may be as close as I get for a while.
  3. I thought it was a hoot to take 'em to see this - but I'm not sure I converted anyone to the U2 cause tonight.
  4. This was 1000x more enjoyable way to check out the newish digital 3D technology than going to the Hannah Montana movie.
  5. Sunday nite movies are a treat. Always a great way to start the week / end the weekend.