Friday, August 22, 2008

testing,testing, testing

The best part of the Web is that unlike retail or newspapers or direct mail etc, you can test new ideas super fast / cheap / easy. You don't have to move concrete or reshoot an ad or anything. In a few hours we can almost totally redo big parts of our site.

Of course, the corollary is that the worst part of the Web is that unlike retail or newspapers or direct mail, etc., you can test new ideas super fast / cheap / easy.

Got an idea? lets throw it up and see what happens. It is tough to stay focused, stay disciplined, measure and learn from it. Especially when you need something fixed NOW.

Having worked with companies online since, um, 1993 (oooof), I believe one of the the dirty secrets of the Web is most companies don't test ad positions, navigation, images, etc. It is "set it and forget it!!!"

We are seeing good to great conversions from our new landing page.

All comments welcome and appreciated!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Really odd prenups!

I Don't if You Do: From Pets to Smoking, Prenups Contain Almost Anything

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Woman's Day

We are seeing a nice fit with our new partnership with Woman's Day Online .

Check out the latest article: divorce360 on Woman's Day Online. The article, 10 Habits of Happy Couples, is an interesting read. Not sure I'm hitting all 10 at home....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Most popular states for traffic

I love statistics and data. Here are the states that have contributed the most traffic to our site...

Traffic rank (population rank)

1. California (1)
2. New York (3)
3. Texas (2)
4. Florida (4)
5. Pennsylvania (6)
6. Illinois (5)
7. Georgia (9)
8. Ohio (7)
9. North Carolina (10)
10. Virginia (12)

No huge surprises, but interesting. next I'll include % of divorces reported by state....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

5 weeks in paris!

I read a number of blogs - most are VCs / investing / Web-SEO type stuff. But one that I enjoy that is very untraditional for me is Gotham Gal, a fine writer and wife of uber VC Fred Wilson.

I like her blog because it is a sort of sneak peek into her life - a life different than my own in many ways, but also similar (both our families seem to eat out a lot, although they seem to go to nicer places than we do~!). Also, she seems to very open in her blogs - something I have struggled with a bit.

GG and family spent about 5 weeks in Paris this summer. If you like Paris (and I do) or if you just like traveling, the entries make for interesting reading. They rent an apartment, they (sort of) start a fire, shop, eat out, etc.

Their adventure got me thinking - if I could take off a month with the family and live anywhere, where would I want to live? A big European city-London, Paris, Rome? A city in the Far East-Beijing, Sidney, Hong Kong, Saigon? Cape Town? Somewhere closer to home-Toronto, New York, LA? Something off-the-beaten-path-Wyoming, Arkansas, Alaska? Something way-off-the-beaten-path rural Mexico, Patagonia? Month-long drive across the USA?

I'm still thinking......

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Woman's day

We have a new content distribution deal with the terrific Woman's Day Magazine web site (sample divorce360 story here). Also, check out this article on "gravity-defying homes." How cool is #5??! (I like #8 too!)