Friday, December 21, 2007

tried, failed, moved on

We are stumbling along in the care and feeding of our new site. If you were to compare our current efforts to say, that of riding a bike, i believe we are at the "aching-to-be-cool-but-definitely-not-ready-to-pop-off-the- training-wheels" stage.

Things are still a little, um, "fragile." (are things ever not fragile in a small company? I suspect not)

My favorite thing about a new company is that you can approach things in a totally new way without fear (or knowledge). For example, at Bankrate, my old gig, weekend traffic was always terrible. Had been for years. So calling a meeting to discuss weekend traffic driving ideas would elicit groans from all. "Tried, failed, moved on....." would have been the joint refrain. (We always met anyway, but never without complaints).

Here there are no biases and few preconceived notions - and almost no bad habits. (no really good habits either, but that is separate)

You want to have a meeting to discuss pitching ads to Big Agency X? No problem. Develop marketing ideas? On it!

Fresh starts can be good - for all.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Good news travels

We got a good mention in TechCrunch a week ago. It is a nice overview of our site.

A few thoughts:

1. Mike has a rabid following. We had a flood of visits for 2-3 days after the post.

2. They came, they saw, they read... These are not casual "1-page-and-I'm-out" visitors. They really read. And came back. And read more.

3. It isn't a shy crowd. Want an honest critique? Look online. It may be helpful (or not), it may be mean (or not), but it will definitely be real! (all comments appreciated, not all implemented.)

On this note - my next start-up idea is a site to harness all of this criticism power. It is a site where people post pictures of themselves and then the readers would comment. Sort of like an Internet version of "What Not to Wear," except that instead of Stacy and Clinton bashing your style (or lack there of), it is the rest of us. A "Hot or Not" for clothes. As the consulting crowd would say, "UGSC" - User-Generated Style Content. Highly entertaining.