Thursday, August 14, 2008

5 weeks in paris!

I read a number of blogs - most are VCs / investing / Web-SEO type stuff. But one that I enjoy that is very untraditional for me is Gotham Gal, a fine writer and wife of uber VC Fred Wilson.

I like her blog because it is a sort of sneak peek into her life - a life different than my own in many ways, but also similar (both our families seem to eat out a lot, although they seem to go to nicer places than we do~!). Also, she seems to very open in her blogs - something I have struggled with a bit.

GG and family spent about 5 weeks in Paris this summer. If you like Paris (and I do) or if you just like traveling, the entries make for interesting reading. They rent an apartment, they (sort of) start a fire, shop, eat out, etc.

Their adventure got me thinking - if I could take off a month with the family and live anywhere, where would I want to live? A big European city-London, Paris, Rome? A city in the Far East-Beijing, Sidney, Hong Kong, Saigon? Cape Town? Somewhere closer to home-Toronto, New York, LA? Something off-the-beaten-path-Wyoming, Arkansas, Alaska? Something way-off-the-beaten-path rural Mexico, Patagonia? Month-long drive across the USA?

I'm still thinking......

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