Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Apple stores

I love Apple - I love the whole "design matters" aspect of the brand. Design does matter.

I love my macbook. It is tough and smart.

I love my iPod. I have probably have purchased - no lie, 10. Each of my kids has one, I have had a couple, I bought my wife one a week ago. Arguably, the video version is the greatest thing that happened to my flying since I made Delta Medallion and started getting upgraded.

I love iTunes. I don’t care that it is not perfect quality music, or it is a closed system. For me, it is a one-click wonder. I love it. But...



The "too-cool-to-have-a-real-checkout" drives me bananas. I get the whole Starbucks "hey come in and chill" vibe they are going for.

I just don’t want it.

I want to pick up an iPod, walk to the counter, pay and leave. I don’t want to hang with a bunch of hipster doofuses. I just want to pay and go. Get a real checkout, please?

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