Monday, January 5, 2009

Do Publisher's Care What Ads They Run?

Caveat Emptor!

In my opinion, this is the rule most publishers live by. If an ad seems dicey or silly (or a total rip-off), hey, buyer beware, baby!

Take the IQ ads you see everywhere these days -

Avg Sooners Fan’s IQ=114
Are You Smarter Than The Oklahoma
Sooners Fan? Take The IQ Quiz Now!

Or this one

Brett Farve's IQ = 136
Are you Smarter than Brett? Take the IQ Quiz Now!

Are we to believe that Brett took this IQ test? And then agreed to let his IQ be published? And he, in-turn, somehow endorses or quasi-endorses this service, which in return for telling you your IQ, charges you over $9/mo ongoing on T-mobile for "trivia services"?

I doubt it.

Yet these are all over Sports Illustrated's Website.

I am a sport's fan, love SI and have noticed the ads - are you telling me they haven't?

I think that taking the money and turning your head is a short-term win. I assume big brands like Sports Illustrated fiqure times are hard and they can weather the storm..... (other sites have these ads too,including arch-rival

I would try harder I think.

Emails to IQ Quizes and SI were not answered.

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