Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is it time to move all-in to CDs?


If you believe it is "always darkest just before the dawn," then the stock market is clearly close to a sunrise. It has been a brutal few months,with many mutual funds down 30$ to 45% for the year!!! To lose almost one-half of your value in a short period of time sounds brutal - and it has been for me anyway.

I know that rationally, I shouldn't even look at my 401(k), as I am years from retirement, but I can't help myself, It is depressing!

After years at Bankrate, I know a bit about CDs - perhaps I should just dump my savings into them! 4.5% sounds terrible,until you compare it to -40%!!!

This blog on CDs and investing had a depressing poll - Where is the economy going in 2010? I gotta be honest,I selected "I believe unemployment will increase, the stock market will fall further and we will approach a depression."


Usually, when things lookthe bleakest, that is the time to buy. When is that? Now,or a year from now?

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